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Interested in having me build out for you a high-end custom website that's both a persuasive sales conversion piece and a powerful conversational piece? Maybe your site is gorgeous and everything you've ever dreamed of, but you're curious about how to improve and automate the journey your customer's takes once they do find you? It typically takes a few more touch points for people to know, trust, like and then buy from you. I help design these automated marketing systems for small business in a few different sectors. The results? Sales happen around the clock with minimal effort from you and your team, all while giving your leads an exceptional experience. I live for this stuff and this is the exclusive space to learn more about my current offerings and any mini specials I have on tap.
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When it comes to figuring out what your business needs to operate, both productively and profitably, there's simply too many options out there. Once upon a time Google could narrow it down and help you, but there's simply too much noise out there, and even Google isn't your friend these days. And here's the truth: You shouldn't be wasting hours researching and comparing the different solutions, unless technology is your wheelhouse. It's too complex and not the best use of your time. Luckily for you, evaluating business apps and services is my zone of genius. Goodness do I love poking around apps, and I use my background to see which ones do what they say, securely, and will scale with you as you grow. Basically, I've KonMari-ed the world of business technology and bring to you the ones that'll bring joy, and fit your business and budget. Click the button to get my tech hookup in your inbox.
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