the monthly mini

the Inbox and email Glam Up

I'll let you in on two secrets...

  1. I don't remember the last time I handed out a business card. Do you? (Don't lie.)
  2. If I get an email from a business that either has no email signature and/or is from an email address (instead of being from, I judge.

Sorry if that's you, and maybe I'm an email signature snob (okay, I definitely am an email snob), but I am also definitely not alone here and here's why:

Sending emails from a bonafide domain name, and not from a free Gmail or Yahoo! email account, tells me that you take your business seriously. Put it this way, which would you trust more: or

When you have your inbox set up with a business domain, I know that you take your business seriously. You took the time to figure out how to set up email from your domain name, or took the time to find a professional (like me) to help. And here's the thing: If you have a website for your business, there's really no excuse not to be doing this. Your web hosting company might even off email hosting for free. Simply put: It looks lazy or inept if you don't, in my (not so) humble opinion.

And while the business card may have been what you used for first impressions in the olden days, unless you're slumming it at Chamber mixers or BNI groups, the truth is, the real MVP today is your email signature.

Don't get it twisted, you should have a stash of business cards in your purse at all times! But if you're running an online business, then email is likely the way you communicate most. Those email signatures, or your lack of one, get around and get noticed,

This monthly mini is a simple, but powerful, offer:

Style my Signature: The deets

You can always have the plain jane text email signature that you type in yourself.

It works. It gets the job done.

But it isn't exciting. And it doesn't leave anybody intrigued, willing to click on your offer (that YES you wisely offered on your email signature). If your email is bland, they're not going to stop everything they're doing and check your Instagram feed right now.

And yes, there's a few generators for email signature creation out there, including WiseStamp. They're definitely options...if you're boring.

But you're not generic, are you? Your business oozes personality, and if it doesn't, it should and let tell you why: When your branding, and the vibe it gives off, connects with whom your talking to, they feel safe. They trust what you got and are selling. They remember you. They refer you.

And that's why a custom signature that fits outside the box, designed by little old me, is worth the investment. It isn't just your name, title, and some contact info.

It's a statement.

But don't take my word for it. A picture is worth a thousand words so before I type more, why don't you check out a few sample signatures designed by moi:

Pretty cool, huh?

If you're interested, here's a few things I require from you for this mini project:

  1. You gotta have a website. Or you've at least got to have a solid presence with a consistent brand identity on social media. Before I design a signature, I view your online assets. I read your copy, and stalk your social pages. This allows me to pick up on your branding style and vibe, and get a better idea about the type of people you're emailing. In general, my policy here is: No website, no email signature. I really can't do your signature justice without it. But if you think you might be a good exception, I'm open to that.
  2. You must use Google G-Suite or Office365. Sorry, this is non-negotiable. But the good news is: If you don't yet utilize a business-grade collaboration suite and would like to, scroll down to the bottom of the page. I can help you with that.
🙂 I'm In. Let's Do This!

Style my Email Signature: Cost & Options

Option 1: The Zero-Stress Full-Service Treatment: There's two parts to fancy email signatures, the files (images, primarily) and the design code. With this option, not only do I whip you up a great signature, I install the assets on your web server (or work with your web pro), install the signature for you in G-Suite/O365's online dashboard and on any email app you use on your computer/tablet, and if you have a mobile phone email app that can handle html signatures, I'll help you install it there, too.
Limited to teams of 1-5 ppl. Must use G-Suite or O365.

$289 for 1 user.
Add $129/ea for users 2-4.

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Option 2: I Design/You Install It: I'll still whip up one of my signatures for you, but you'll be responsible for uploading files to your web server, and for installing the code onto your email apps. Don't worry, I'll provide some basic instruction. If you have a team of 5+, I'll chat with you to discuss how to get these assets distributed and help users upload it.
Organization must use G-Suite or O365.

$199 for 1 user.
Add $49/ea for add'l users.

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Style my Email Signature: How It Works:

  • You will click the 'I'm In! Let's Do This' button below.
  • You'll choose the option you want for the email signature, and any add-ons you're interested in.
  • Then you'll checkout. After you pay, look for a special email from me.
  • My email has a secret link to a short & easy questionnaire. You'll tell me a bit about you and your business, the vibe you're aiming for, any special design or concept requests you have, and you'll upload branding assets (think logos) if you have them.*
  • I'll confirm with you via email that I have everything I need once everything is turned in.
  • Then in as little as 4-10 days I'll send you a link to review my design concepts for your brand.
  • You'll have two edits where you can suggest and make minor revisions.

* Don't have your logo files? It might be okay. I can usually get them from your website. You're welcome to proceed and if I can't make it work, I'll refund your money.

Ready for your emails to have swagger and soul, promote your business, and just plain old impress people? If so, go forth and reserve your spot for August's monthly mini now, by clicking the button below. I'm limiting it to eight companies this month and when they're gone, they're gone.

😍 I'm In! Let's Do This.

But wait! There's more...

Who doesn't love a good upsell? If you're spending some of your hard earned moola upgrading that email signature, why not upgrade a few other related branding assets at the same time? 

Here's a few more business goodies you can have me glam up for you:

Add-On #1: Style My Business Card Too:  Shouldn't your business card and email signature go forth together, hand-in-hand, in branded matrionary and bliss? If you're updating one, why not update the other at the same time!?

Design Files: $285 for 1 user.
Add $40/ea for add'l users.
Print and ship 50 cards: $35*
<span style="font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif; font-size: 70%; font-style: italic; line-height: normal;">* I print with Moo. They're cards are super luxe. You'll never look back...</span>

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Add-On #2: Style My Marketing Template Too: While I'm glamming things up, shouldn't your email marketing system get some love too? Branding is more powerful when you're consistent across the board, you know! Whether you're using ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ConvertKit (and ask me if you use another -- we can check!) I can hop in your system and give you a powerful branded template that will make your marketing messages pop and impress.

$349 for one template refresh.
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If you also want these add-ons included with your monthly mini project, simplay check the boxes at the end of the questionnaire, and I'll include them on your invoice. Easy-peasy.

can't decide? You can Have it all.

Style My Everything!: So you want it all, do you? Well, cake and ice cream do go together quite well. Of course, you want to eat it too. This sweet lil' bundle includes all three of my custom branding assets for August, including:

  1. A one-of-a-kind customized email signature. Of course, you'll get the full-service treatment, including installation, by me.
  2. One slick email marketing newsletter template, designed and installed in your email marketing system. It'll be ready to go sell and make you fans and money.
  3. A personal printed business card that, when picked up, people will oooh and aaaah over. Branded bliss awaits, and by choosing the bundle you'll save over $150 too. 🤩
    Organization must use G-Suite or O365.

$805 for 1 person.
Includes 100 printed cards.

Add $140/ea for add'l users.

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Upgrade My Entire Inbox (Full Service Setup): Wait, you're not using your website domain for email yet? G-Suite to the rescue! G-Suite is Google's business email and collaboration suite, and it's a must-have in my books whether you're just starting out or super established. If you're ready to go pro, this is the best $6/month service you can spend on your business. Let me handle all the techie pieces, from moving your folders and old emails to setting up the G-Suite service correctly, so it's secure and working as intended on your website domain. And bonus: Your email signature design is half off when you go this route!

Hate Google? I also work on and setup Microsoft's equivalent solution, Office 365. Your pick. My attention to small and critical details! Win-win.

Depends on complexity.
Starts at $399.